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Mortal Clunker is a game made by 8 people during 3 months.

We choose to make an arena shooter with cars, guns, and random people's death.

"You play as the unexpected winner of a fight arena. Speakers aren't really happy with that. So they decided to put a price on your head. Now every human being want your death to earn a huge amount of money. You need to survive through waves of crazy people !"

------ Credits ------

Lena Dobric -> Game Designer

Clémentine Soulard - - Pignon -> Game Designer

Alessandro Legato -> Producer

Tristan Pradens -> Sound Designer

Héloïse Moreau -> UX/UI Designer

Soufian Maaté -> Programmer

Armel Perhirin -> Programmer

Yu Huang -> Graphist

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Published 191 days ago


Mortal Clunker.zip (76 MB)